Bucharest Conference

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest
March 14-16th 2017


Bucharest Conference

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest
March 14-16th 2017


Conference Videos

The conference videos for most presentations are available to watch on YouTube. Playlists of each session are embedded below.


Day 1, SEssion 1


European COST action (TU1206) Sub-Urban – Transforming Relationships between geoscientists and URBAN decision-makers – Diarmad Campbell (BGS/ Chair of COST action 1206 Sub-Urban)

The Role of Geological Surveys– Marie Cowan (NAG Directors, Director, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland)

CITIES THINK UNDERGROUND – Underground Space (also) for People – Jacques Besner (ACUUS/Montreal)

IAH Urban Groundwater Network – Helen Bonsor (BGS / IAH)


Day 1, Session 2

City planners / City studies (Chair: Johannes de Beer)

Financing opportunities for urban infrastructure – Venera Vlad (Associate Director, Infrastructura Municipala (Cities infrastructure, BERD)

Oslo Sub-surface project, results between 2013-2016 – Ingelöv Eriksson (Oslo City)

Planners needs, focusing on strategic planning – Johan Borchgrevink (Oslo City)

Strategic Concept for Bucharest city towards 2035 – Liviu Ianasi (UIAM)


Day 1, Session 3

City planners / City studies (Chair: Johannes de Beer)

Towards an Urban Underground Future: the Future of Our Cities – Han Admiral (International Tunnelling Assosiation)

Out of sight out of mind?  – David Lawrence (TU1206 Action Secretary)

The underground of European cities in planning documents:  the case of A Coruña (Spain) – Rubén C. L. González, et al.

Groundwater: Often a neglected constraint in urban planning, but also essential in formulating “Urban Resilience” strategies. Lessons learned from delta and coastal cities projects in different climatic zones. – Roelof Stuurman (Deltares NL, partner of 100RC)


Day 1, Session 4

Water in the subsurface (Chair: Radu Gogu)

Challenges and Opportunities in Groundwater under Cities – Jesus Carrera – (GHS UPC-CSIC, IDAEA, CSIC, Barcelona, Spain)

Thermal management of urban subsurface ressources – Delineation of boundary conditions – Jannis Epting  (Basel University)

Resilient City Growth – How do we turn Data into important and significant tools for City Planning and Decision Making – Gert Laursen (Odense City)

Challenges in building and maintaining a SUBURBAN Geological model – Niels-Peter Jensen (I-GIS A/S)


Day 2, Session 1

The subsurface in the urban planning process (Chair: Susie Mielby)

Opening up the subsurface for the cities of tomorrow– Susie Mielby (GEUS)

GeoCIM and the importance of the anthropogenic subsurface layer – Carl Watson (BGS) & Jeroen Schokker (TNO)

Subsurface information and planning– Ingelöv Eriksson (Oslo City)

Cultural heritage – Good practices in heritage management and the use of subsurface knowledge – Hans de Beer (NGU)

Two kinds of urban innovation ecosystems at the same time? How JPI Urban Europe builds capacity for transitions pathways –  Jonas Bylund (Research and Innovation Officer in the Management Board of JPI Urban Europe)


Day 2, Session 2

The subsurface in the urban planning process (Chair: Guri Ganerød)

Subsurface Engineering as part of Urban Planning and Design – Fransje.L. Hooimeijer, et al.

The importance of connecting decision makers and urban planners with subsurface specialists for a sustainable city development: The COST TU1206 SUB-URBAN Lisbon Workshop contributes – Luisa Goncalves (IPLEIRIA)

Lesson learned from the Bucharest workshop – Oana Luca Vijanescu

Demonstration the Sub-Urban toolbox  – Ignace van der Campenhout (Rotterdam City)


Day 2, Session 3

The subsurface in the urban planning process (Chair: Fransje Hooimeijer & Ignace van Campenhout)

Demonstration of subsurface planning in process – Fransje Hooimeijer  and Ignace van Campenhout (TU delft)


Day 3, Session 1

A look into the future (Chair: Gillian Dick)

Geotechnical data & Geohazard – Grzegorz Ryzynski (PGI)

Urban Geochemistry from 2D to 3D – Cecile Le Guern (BRGM)

INSPIRATION: Towards a strategic research agenda on soil, land-use and land management in Europe – Linda Maring, Stephan Bartke, Detlef Grimski

The need for INnovations for eXtreme Climatic EventS (INXCES), the progress of flood modeling case Bergen Norway – Floris Boogaard, Jeroen Kluck, Govert Schoof , Michael Bosscher

ThinkDeepUK  and Sub-Urban NExT  – Loretta von der Tann (University of London)


Day 3, Session 2

A look into the future (Chair: Diarmad Campbell & Hans de Beer)

Geoplanners - Gillian Dick (Glasgow City Council)

Future collaborations and possibilities – Diarmad Campbell (BGS/ Chair of COST action 1206 Sub-Urban)

“reach out” – Sub-Urban`s final dissemination  – Guri Ganerød (NGU)




Conference Interviews

Interviews with many of the Action participants were conducted during the conference and are compiled in the YouTube playlist below.