The STSM involved a 5-day visit of 2 STSM applicants (Gillian Dick ,GCC and Petra van der Lugt, Gemeente Rotterdam) to Oslo Kommune from 9th - 13th February 2015. Meeting discussions over the week were centred on:

The work on the Oslo Sub Surface Project provides an ideal case study for the COST SUB-URBAN Action to learn from. This STSM will allow benchmarking between Oslo, Rotterdam and Glasgow to be set up as each City adapts its nationally setting urban planning legislation to allow it to plan for the subsurface.

The work and outputs of this STSM are of wide benefit to the COST Action and its participants, as well as to others outside of the Action, by:

  • Facilitating knowledge exchange between key personnel in GCC, OK, GR to evaluate lessons learned from Oslo’s Sub Surface project and its links to urban planning and law.
  • Compare the issues in adapting national urban planning legislation to allow for local and strategic planning of the subsurface
  • Review the key drivers – knowledge, economic, political & environmental
  • Provide a detailed case study that can be benchmarked against the activities in Rotterdam and Glasgow
  • Provide the basis for engagement of a wider group of COST participants.

This STSM co-ordinates currently independent work between COST participants to allow a benchmarking process to be piloted between the three cities.

Download the full report in pdf format.