Abstract Volume

The Conference abstract volume can be downloaded from this link. (PDF, 17MB)


Conference Videos

The conference videos for most presentations are available to watch on YouTube. Playlists of each session are embedded below.


Day 1, SEssion 1


European COST action (TU1206) Sub-Urban – Transforming Relationships between geoscientists and URBAN decision-makers – Diarmad Campbell (BGS/ Chair of COST action 1206 Sub-Urban)

The Role of Geological Surveys– Marie Cowan (NAG Directors, Director, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland)

CITIES THINK UNDERGROUND – Underground Space (also) for People – Jacques Besner (ACUUS/Montreal)

IAH Urban Groundwater Network – Helen Bonsor (BGS / IAH)


Day 1, Session 2

City planners / City studies (Chair: Johannes de Beer)

Financing opportunities for urban infrastructure – Venera Vlad (Associate Director, Infrastructura Municipala (Cities infrastructure, BERD)

Oslo Sub-surface project, results between 2013-2016 – Ingelöv Eriksson (Oslo City)

Planners needs, focusing on strategic planning – Johan Borchgrevink (Oslo City)

Strategic Concept for Bucharest city towards 2035 – Liviu Ianasi (UIAM)


Day 1, Session 3

City planners / City studies (Chair: Johannes de Beer)

Towards an Urban Underground Future: the Future of Our Cities – Han Admiral (International Tunnelling Assosiation)

Out of sight out of mind?  – David Lawrence (TU1206 Action Secretary)

The underground of European cities in planning documents:  the case of A Coruña (Spain) – Rubén C. L. González, et al.

Groundwater: Often a neglected constraint in urban planning, but also essential in formulating “Urban Resilience” strategies. Lessons learned from delta and coastal cities projects in different climatic zones. – Roelof Stuurman (Deltares NL, partner of 100RC)


Day 1, Session 4

Water in the subsurface (Chair: Radu Gogu)

Challenges and Opportunities in Groundwater under Cities – Jesus Carrera – (GHS UPC-CSIC, IDAEA, CSIC, Barcelona, Spain)

Thermal management of urban subsurface ressources – Delineation of boundary conditions – Jannis Epting  (Basel University)

Resilient City Growth – How do we turn Data into important and significant tools for City Planning and Decision Making – Gert Laursen (Odense City)

Challenges in building and maintaining a SUBURBAN Geological model – Niels-Peter Jensen (I-GIS A/S)


Day 2, Session 1

The subsurface in the urban planning process (Chair: Susie Mielby)

Opening up the subsurface for the cities of tomorrow– Susie Mielby (GEUS)

GeoCIM and the importance of the anthropogenic subsurface layer – Carl Watson (BGS) & Jeroen Schokker (TNO)

Subsurface information and planning– Ingelöv Eriksson (Oslo City)

Cultural heritage – Good practices in heritage management and the use of subsurface knowledge – Hans de Beer (NGU)

Two kinds of urban innovation ecosystems at the same time? How JPI Urban Europe builds capacity for transitions pathways –  Jonas Bylund (Research and Innovation Officer in the Management Board of JPI Urban Europe)


Day 2, Session 2

The subsurface in the urban planning process (Chair: Guri Ganerød)

Subsurface Engineering as part of Urban Planning and Design – Fransje.L. Hooimeijer, et al.

The importance of connecting decision makers and urban planners with subsurface specialists for a sustainable city development: The COST TU1206 SUB-URBAN Lisbon Workshop contributes – Luisa Goncalves (IPLEIRIA)

Lesson learned from the Bucharest workshop – Oana Luca Vijanescu

Demonstration the Sub-Urban toolbox  – Ignace van der Campenhout (Rotterdam City)


Day 2, Session 3

The subsurface in the urban planning process (Chair: Fransje Hooimeijer & Ignace van Campenhout)

Demonstration of subsurface planning in process – Fransje Hooimeijer  and Ignace van Campenhout (TU delft)


Day 3, Session 1

A look into the future (Chair: Gillian Dick)

Geotechnical data & Geohazard – Grzegorz Ryzynski (PGI)

Urban Geochemistry from 2D to 3D – Cecile Le Guern (BRGM)

INSPIRATION: Towards a strategic research agenda on soil, land-use and land management in Europe – Linda Maring, Stephan Bartke, Detlef Grimski

The need for INnovations for eXtreme Climatic EventS (INXCES), the progress of flood modeling case Bergen Norway – Floris Boogaard, Jeroen Kluck, Govert Schoof , Michael Bosscher

ThinkDeepUK  and Sub-Urban NExT  – Loretta von der Tann (University of London)


Day 3, Session 2

A look into the future (Chair: Diarmad Campbell & Hans de Beer)

Geoplanners - Gillian Dick (Glasgow City Council)

Future collaborations and possibilities – Diarmad Campbell (BGS/ Chair of COST action 1206 Sub-Urban)

“reach out” – Sub-Urban`s final dissemination  – Guri Ganerød (NGU)