Parque Eduardo VII in Lisbon, Portugal

Parque Eduardo VII in Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, Western Europe’s oldest city is the capital of Portugal, the major touristic and economic center and has a very densely occupation. However if we analyze its history we see that the ancient occupation of the Lisbon territory was limited to a central core, benefiting from the privileged and strategic position along Tagus River as well as the rugged morphology that has provided natural conditions for the city defense over the centuries.

Many of the city’s buildings are centuries old, and infrastructure is likewise aging and though the city has strong technical expertise and political will to undertake upgrades, it also faces financial constraints from the global economic crisis.
The lack of space led to the expansion of the city to the suburbs as well as to the occupation of less favorable terrains, leading to cost increases.

The solution was the construction in the consolidated city, in height and depth, namely to promote better conditions to inhabitants (basements, underground parking and subway tunnels). However this implies detailed knowledge about subsurface characteristics, which was gathered through survey campaigns. Using this information Lisbon Municipality has been developing a geotechnical database to generate a 3D geological/geotechnical model, aiming cost reduction and new projects optimization.

Read more about Lisbon City in case study report  TU1206-WG1-015

Urban improvement projects are being developed to ensure residents have ongoing access to services, and also to:

  •  Reduce the risk from natural hazards, such as seismic activity which could cripple current structures and networks;
  •  Reduce the risk from flooding that is also a concern in Lisbon territory, causing regularly, several damages;
  •  Promote conditions to a sustainable planning and urban management with a mitigation perspective;
  •  Prepare the city for other threats, especially storms and more severe events brought on by climate changes;